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MasterDataServices setup in a AlwaysOn environment

I was told to install MDS (Master Data Services) in AlwaysOn environment with HA (high availability) and DR(disaster recovery) protection for a customer. This sounded like an easy task with some withe papers and guidelines available on the net.

I started on with this one from Microsoft which looked very promising:


But I soon realized this was maybe not the best solution since it required me to install IIS on each node in the AlwaysON cluster and it also required that all IIS installations where kept in sync.

The AlwaysOn environment at this customer site is setup with 5 nodes, three on primary site and two on DR site. It includes 3 Availability Groups which can failover between at least 3 of the different hosts. It uses NonShared Storage.

Installing IIS and all MDS services in this environment didn’t sound very appealing so I decided to use a different approach.

I created a new virtual server in Vmware and added it to the SRM (SiteRecoveryManager) setup, which means that it is replicated to the DR site and can be started up there in case of DR situation. On the primary site HA is accomplished through multiple hosts in the Vmware cluster.

After Installing MDS on the new virtual server, I run the Master Data Services Configuration Manager and pointed to the AlwaysOn AG listener that I had previously created on the new AG for the MDS database.

I now have HA and DR solution for MDS without having to mess up the SQL servers with IIS and MDS services, that feels like a much cleaner solution to me.

Staffan Olofsson
MCSE: Data Platform