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DataQualityServices setup with AlwaysON

Setting up Data Quality Service with Always on is well described in this document:


I used that as guide when I installed DQS at a customer site today.

The procedure was very straight forward and I had no problems at all.

1. First I added DQS feature from the SQL 2012 installation media. I did not have to reboot or restart SQL server so that was easy.

2. I applied the SP1 and CU3 patches that where previously applied for the rest of the SQL server.

3. I repeated this on all the nodes where the AvailabilityGroup was setup to run.

4. After that I had to run the DQSInstaller.exe file in the …\MSSQL11.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\Binn folder on each node. This requires me to enter a Database Master Key, you must use the same key on all nodes and be careful not to forget it. It is need when a SQL upgrade takes place.

The DQSInstaller then created three databases.

5. Then I added a Windows account on the first node and gave it permissions to the DQS_MAIN database according to the document.

6. Then I deleted the new databases from the two other nodes in the cluster.

7. Now I could add the three databases as availability databases in the AG. And they where copied out to all nodes.

8. I then copied the Windows account to all three nodes. Keep in mind tha AlwaysOn doesn’t replicate any logins. I use a sp called dbs_CopyLogins, it can downloaded here: http://www.sqlsoldier.com/wp/sqlserver/transferring-logins-to-a-database-mirror, is very useful since it copies the password correctly..

9. Then I installed the DQS client from the SQL distribution and patches it. When I started the Client I Could just enter the AG listener name and could successfully login.

Staffan Olofsson
MCSE: Data Platform