Last day at #SQLPass summit 2013

It’s been a very long week but now it comes to and end. I already looking forward to next year in Seattle and I have not even left Charlotte yet.

I’m getting a bit tiered, all this new knowledge everyday and then all the social activities at night is beginning to take its toll.

But this last day at SQLPass was also a great one. I started out with a session with Tim Chapman called “SQL Server Index internals: A deep dive”, that was almost a bit to much at 8.00 in the morning, especially after last nights party at NASCAR Hall of fame. But Tim had  great presentation skills and he kept us all awake with great demos.

Then I went to a session about Central Management Server and Policy based management with Ryan Adams. I have never really gotten the hang on policy based management but Ryan sorted it out just fine and I know think it’s time to start using this feature to get better control that all servers adhere to a given standard.

Then I went to a great session with David Klee, “squeezing Top Performance from Your Virtualized SQL Server”, got out with some really useful tips on how to configure Vmware, Windows and SQL server to get top notch performance. A lot of this can be found on his website.

The for lunch there was a event called “Birds of a feather luncheon”, where all tables has a sign describing the topic to be discussed. I went for a table called AlwaysOn and got to talk to some great guys about difficulties about clustering and AlwaysOn.

The I continues on that track after lunch with a session called “CAT: AlwaysOn Customer panel – Lessons learned & Best practices”. four guys from different companies described their environment and the problems they had encountered while setting up various HA & DR solutions. very interesting.

The last session of this years summit was Paul White describing Parallel query executions in detail. Didn’t know there was something called a Parallel deadlock situation, but Paul managed to great such a scenario and then describe why this happened and how we may avoid it. He also went into detail about a lot of other parallel execution problems one might run into. Paul was also a very skilled presenter an managed to keep us awake even though it was late on friday afternoon.

To summarize this has been a fantastic week and there has been so much interesting sessions and so many magnificent speakers it even hard to imagine where one could get this elsewhere.

I’m so looking forward to next years SQL Pass summit in Seattle, se you all there.




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