Third day at #SQLPass, the real sessions begin #sqlblog

Finally the conference started for real. So many people all over the place. Crowded in all sessions and even the dining hall was almost full for lunch.

Today I attended four session. First was the Key-note with Bill Graziano from Pass and Quentin Clark from Microsoft. SQL 2014 CTP 2 was announced and and brief walk through of all new features and  functionallity was very interesting. In memory databases was demonstrated and this looks cool. Huge improvments will be availabale by just altering a table or procedure to take advantge of this functionality. No code rewriting is necessary.

Power BI Q&A was also a new feature that looks very promising and the audience seem to like it very much.

SQL backups to Azure storage also seemed like a nice feature, especially since it’s available also for 2005 and 2008 via a downloadable tool. There was also a new feature that would automatically trigger transaction log backups based on the amount of changes data in the tables.

The keynote is available on

After that there was a great session with Erin Stellato about “Taking the leap from Profiler to Extended Events”.  Very good presentation and it really made me understand that there are so much more you can do with Extended Events then with Profiler. Need to start using that when I get back home again.

Then there was a session with Glenn Alan Berry called the “Professor of DMV”, where he went through his pack of DMV scripts that can be used to troubleshoot SQL server performance problems. I have used these DMV script before but I have never really fully been able too utilize them to it’s full potential. Now I know how to use them better and will dig into them again. They can be downloaded here:

Then I attended a seesion about automating your SQL server deployment with Powershell. The tool is called SPADE and is available on I have started to automate SQL server installations myself but my still limited knowledge of Powershell prevented my from going all the way. This tool will save tons of time spent on installing and configuring SQL server.

Lats session was about Troubleshooting Clusters and Alan Hirt gave a nice walk through of some pitfalls in cluster install and configuration and how to troubleshot them.

Then we attended the Exhibition recpetion for some food and chat and ended up on a pub for a couple of beer.



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