SQL Pass Summit 2013 first impressions

Second day of pre-confrenece at SQL Pass Summit is about to begin and I have not yet summarize yesterday.

First day turned out to be very interesting. My first pre-conference session, “From SQL Server Reporting Rookie to Rock star”, maybe didn’t make a Rock star in building Reporting services reports but it was a very good walk through of all the possibilities within in the product.

Stacia Misner did a very good job describing all the functionality. But I got a feeling that she felt that a lot of focus have been redirected towards PowerView and integration with Sharepoint and not in developing Reporting services. Nothing much really was new in 2012 and it seems there is limitied news in 2014 as well.

Becoming a Rock star in Reporting Services will for sure require a lot of reporting writing.

In the evening there was a Networking dinner at the Buffalo Wild wings where @Goranpeterson and I had a long talk with @DavidAMacLean1. He owns a castle in Scotland is related to Sean Connery is some distant way and a big fan of action movies.

Still not a lot of people here, most badges are still waiting in registration, if think it’s going be crowded here tomorrow.



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