Planning my #SQLPass session schedule….

Started planning my session schedule for SQLPASS while I was waiting inline for immigrations at O’Hare airport. It was a long line so I had time to go through most of the details in the #Guidebook and I picked everything I liked.

No I have a schedule with 3, 4 or even more sessions I want to go to for any given time. How should I choose ?  As a #sqlfirsttimer I’m not sure what the best approach is ? Should I go for the   speaker that I have read and listened to on webinars, youtube, the once that I’m following in Twitter and who seems to really know their stuff ? Or should I go for the once that I never heard off and hope that they have something completely new to teach me ?

There are so many interesting areas I would like to dig inn to, should I choose one area all the way or should I mix them as much as possible to get new input ?

BigData, SANLess Clustering, Extended Events, Power BI and Power Map, database corruption, AlwaysOn, Powershell, PDW, 2014 InMemory OLTP, Clustered updatable columnstore indexes, Indexes, Central Managment Server, SQLCAT session, SQL Clinic, Query optimising, etc, etc…

Not to mention all the other activities, First-Timers orientation, Welcome reception, Exhibitor reception, #SQLRun,  Sponsor breakfasts, Keynote, Community appreciation Party at Nascar hall of Fame, Birds of a Feather Luncheon, SQL Server Clinic an SQLCAT, SQL Kilt day and #SQLKaraoke.

I starting to believe I will not make to all of these events. But I will sure try. I will probably end up bying the DVD…


3 thoughts on “Planning my #SQLPass session schedule….

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